About me

Who I am:

I've been doing Drupal development since 2009 (Drupal 6.10). Most of the work I do for my clients is still in Drupal 7, but Drupal 8 now represents 15% of my mandates.

If you need to know, I created my first website in 1995. In 1998 I won a Milia d'or in Cannes beating Sony et Disney in the process. Before that, I was a television director, but who wants to know that.

I'm self-taught - i.e. not a full-stack senior programmer - so I get things done mostly with existing contrib modules. In Drupal speak, I'm first and foremost a site builder. That being said, I do both frontend and backend development. My programming skills are expanding with every new project - just like the universe. This allows me to tap into the seemingly infinite wealth of possibilities that the various APIs have to offer, functionalities that are not always accessible through the admin UI.

I'm always interested in investigating the unknown, being in good company makes it more fun though. Learning is second nature.

I'm able to provide professional services in English and French (and soon in Spanish).

What I do day in and day out:

Lots, but mostly: e-commerce (Drupal Commerce & Ubercart), advanced faceted search engines (Search API, Apache Solr), migrations, multilingual websites, mobile-friendly responsive design (Bootstrap), CSS, SCSS, LESS, interactive maps using geolocated data sets (Leaflet), custom administration UIs, UX, information architecture, training, etc.

Ongoing Mandates

The CSL Group: one of Canada's leading provider of marine dry bulk cargo handling and delivery services and the world’s largest owner and operator of self-unloading vessels.
Project #1 Mandate: 1) to develop an application-like website to facilitate the management and sharing of information during crises across four continents, 2) to make it possible to print the website's content into continent specific Crisis manuals (150 pages print-ready PDFs). Main challenge: automating various workflows. URL: n/a, intranet.
Project #2 Mandate: to maintain and develop the existing corporate website. Main challenge: to work around the existing architecture in order to deliver new functionalities. URL: www.cslships.com

Cirque du Soleil: world famous Canadian entertainment company. Based in Montreal, Canada, it is the largest theatrical producer in the world. Mandate: 1) to create an equipment rental store using Drupal Commerce to help meet the requirements of all productions and studios, 2) to import & create 1000+ products from a csv file, 3) to implement bulk add-to-cart functionalities making it possible to simultaneously add multiple products to the cart, 4) to implement a pricing scheme based on rental period attributes. Main challenge: making Drupal Commerce do something it's not really made for out of the box. URL: n/a, intranet.

Recent Projects

The Martin Family Initiative is committed to improving elementary and secondary school education outcomes for First Nations, Métis Nation, and Inuit students in Canada, by working in full partnership with the Indigenous people of Canada, pertinent governments and the private sector. Mandate: 1) review and reinforce the branding for the educational resources 2) review SEO and work out a long term strategy to strengthen and improve traffic, 3) roll out new Drupal 8 faceted search engine and perform updates. URL: www.themfi.ca.

RAAV (Regroupement des artistes en art visuels du Québec): an association representing Quebec's visual artists in public forums and at various levels of government. Mandate: 1) revue and optimize the existing Drupal 7 website, 2) replace Drupal core's search with an advanced faceted search engine, 3) integrate new functionalities and perform updates. URL: www.raav.org.

Les Éditions Auzou: a publisher of children's books with offices in Switzerland, France and Canada. Mandate: 1) to migrate the Canadian website from Wordpress to Drupal, 2) to replicate the graphic design of the Swiss website (auzou.ch) in a fully responsive Bootstrap theme, 3) to import & create 850 titles from a csv file, 4) to provide advanced faceted search functionalities in the catalog, 5) to create a series of book carousels to promote recent titles in various categories and develop a custom admin interface to manage them all from a central UI. Main challenge: coordinating with the client's many stakeholders in Canada an in Europe. URL: www.auzou.ca.

ThinkLanguage: a California based independent publisher dedicated to providing engaging and informative language learning products. Mandate: 1) to migrate a 2009 multi-site Drupal 6 e-commerce store to Drupal 7, 2) to replicate the existing graphic design in a fully responsive Bootstrap theme, 3) to preserve & replicate the existing functionalities of a highly customized Ubercart Store, 4) to switch from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 with no more than 6 hours of downtime while preserving all Drupal 6 data. Main challenge: manually building the Drupal 7 database from four separate Drupal 6 databases without loosing recent data. URL: www.thinklanguage.com

Journal Mobiles: a Quebec based regional media/news provider. Mandate: 1) to migrate a customized 2010 Drupal 6 website to Drupal 7, 2) to integrate a fully responsive Bootstrap based theme purchased on themeforest.net, 3) to preserve & replicate the data and content architecture including a SimpleNews newsletter, 4) to deploy AddSense and social medias functionalities. Main challenge: finding ways around the rigidities of the purchased themes. URL: www.journalmobiles.com

Last updated December 2017.