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Project: Makeover
Tags: Drupal 8, Wysiwyg

The idea of creating a temporary Under Construction home page made me smile because it reminded me of the ubiquitous nature of these pages when the Web was just starting out in the early '90. Under Construction pages were of course everywhere. So I thought it would fun to try to replicate some of that esthetic and indulge in a little Electronic Frontier nostalgia. Anyway, in case you're curious, that's where the black & yellow stripes come from.

In the end and after a day's work I'm pretty happy with the result. Especially because it's all done in the Wysiwyg of a basic field - in the spirit of those long gone days when we created entire websites using raw HTML -- sorry, no custom Twig template here. You can see it all if you inspect the source of the page.

For example, the black & yellow stripes are empty DIVs with classes, the CSS is injected thanks to Asset Injector, same for the radial striping separator. The layout is of course responsive thanks to a few more DIVs and Bootstrap.

I have to admit that initially I was planning to create a custom content type with a dedicated Twig template. But I soon realized this was cumbersome and that I could more playfully achieve my objectives using the Basic Page content type and a bit of HTML coding.

Which raises the question: are we not too often conditioned to create according to rigid standards and best practices to the detriment of simpler, out-of-the-box and perfectly acceptable solutions?