Under Construction



So yeah..., I have neglected my website for the past few years - my bad, mostly because of a lack of interest. Fortunately the fact that my website is utterly broken/boring does not reflect what's been going on in my life.

Just this past year, 2020 that is, I did lots of Drupal backend work which pushed the boundaries of my knowledge of Twig; I also deep-dived into Drupal's Migrate API to import content into nested paragraphs from Google Sheets; then I spent the better part of November and December working on Vue.js projects that consume JSON endpoints. Finally, to add a little sparkle, I spent the last few days of 2020 learning Haskell.

Evidently, there's lots to share or to talk about here. So why is it that none of the projects mentioned above show up on my website? What's the matter? Well there are a few reasons I can think of.


The first reason, writing good old articles doesn't work for me anymore. Let's face it, it can easily take one or two days to write a solid article, perhaps more. That's a big chunk of time and pandemic weekends aren't made for that. I also feel that, as a writing form, the article may be somewhat outdated; in a way I find that articles are no longer convenient. So over the past six months I have been thinking about other writing forms to share what I'm doing. More on this later.

The second reason why my website is boring is that, for obscure historical reasons, it was limited to my work. It's high time  to tear down these walls, time to consider more than just Drupal, time to have some fun!

Surely there are more than two reasons why my website is broken, but for now I think you get the picture and that's good enough for me. OK, so what's the plan? Where's the joy?



Well, in the next few months the plan is to progressively transition from the present moribund state to something that I hope will be more dynamic, satisfying, spirited and upbeat. If I can achieve the proverbial «works for me!» then chances are it will also be much more interesting for visitors like you.


  • Jan 26 2021, a few more Projects (2020) and a revamped Contact form.
  • Jan 15 2021, deployment of a beta version of DevLog.
  • Jan 03 2021, deployment of this Under Construction page.