A Storytellers Map

Drupal 7
Language: French
Online community
Solr search engine & Leaflet map
Role: Lead Developer
Prime Contractor: Whisky Echo Bravo
Graphic Designer: François Longpré
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Project parameters: creating a Drupal platform that showcases Quebec's association of storytellers in a way that geographically underlines diversity and makes it easy to find events close to one's home or whereabouts. To further expose visitors to the various' genres of this relatively unknown artform, a voip-based makeshift studio makes it possible for storytellers to record short stories which can then attached to various playlists for streaming. The project's requirements also included migrating existing content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, creating a new platform built around a Solr search engine coupled to a Leaflet map on which members, training and storytelling events are geolocated.
Project image | A Storytellers Map